Praise for The Girls Ate Last

Singh beautifully weaves together the parallel stories of a brilliant mother and daughter, each in her own way struggling to find her  identity beyond the limited expectations for upper middle class women whose passionate drive for knowledge propels them to reject the confines of a world where girls ‘eat last.’  Singh eventually must return home to discover the truth behind the fragmented history of ‘Mummy’s’ transformation.  It is this unfolding discovery, told in riveting everyday detail, that makes Singh’s book impossible to put down.

– Perle Besserman, author of Kabuki Boy and Widow Zion.

Supriya Singh is a talented and natural story teller, weaving her mother’s life with many others and giving us an insight into what it takes to survive loss and love.  A quietly feminist book.

– Anita Anand, author of The Beauty Game