Praise for Globalization and Money.

“Globalization and new technologies are transforming the world of money. In this pioneering study, Supriya Singh offers a sweeping and compelling account of those changes. A book that will inspire researchers, inform policy makers, and fascinate students and general readers.”

—Viviana A. Zelizer, Princeton University; author of Economic Lives: How Culture Shapes the Economy

“Money is changing—in its flows, its figurings, its very form. Supriya Singh’s marvelous book demonstrates how much of this change today is coming from the global South. From remittance flows that challenge easy understandings of GDP, gender, and family, to the global spread of mobile computing—backed by powerful corporate, philanthropic, and government interests but just as much by everyday people’s own wishes, desires, and dramas—this book charts a course for a new global sociology of money for the 21st Century.

—Bill Maurer, University of California, Irvine